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Pastor J. R. "Thunder" Burt


We reside in a society that relies upon the prove of existence. Requiring to know "why", while relying on the intellect of our own mind's interpretation of the "facts". This generation has closed it's eyes to the very meaning of the word FAITH. Technology and convenience has taken the place of work and faith. It is evident by the actions of the world and even some of the very elect (children of God). You should ask yourself this very important question, "Do you really believe in God?" or perhaps "do you know the meaning of your belief in God. If your answer is yes, then the next question should be WHY? Going through the motions is fruitless and is not going to be tolerated by God. God has shown great patience with us. Great should be our faithfulness to Him.

A few years ago, the scare of the Y2K Millennium computer bug, was nothing more than an elaborate, ongoing hoax, one of many conceived by Satan to fool the people of this world. Even Christians were and still are falling for these great cons, scams and deceiving spirits. But be assured, monetary gain is not the goal of Satan, your soul is what he wants to trick you out of, he wants to win it, at all cost. It is happening right before your very eyes. Satan is working very hard to take God out of everything. "In God We Trust" will soon be a collector's item, if we are not careful. Even your rights to worship freely will soon be hard to come by (St. Matthews 24). The world is ever changing. It is unfortunate that more and more people each day are choosing change that only benefits the demonic agenda (Revelation Chapters 11-18). I'm asking you not to be fool, tricked or swindled our of your soul and your divine reward.

Our children are watching. The fate of the parent even more so today will fall upon the child(ren). If the parent is lost, chances are that the child(ren) will be lost. Weak Christians parents will most likely have children that will grow to be weak Christians, easily lost to the world. One day is it certain that we will have to give an account for all our actions before Him (G0D). On that day, we will see Him with own eyes and know the truth. It will then be too late for apologies, too late for chances, too late to believe and too late to demonstrate your faith. It will be just too, too late.

If you do not know Christ and want to know Him for yourself, just ask. If you are confused about Christianity, and want clarity, just ask. If you know of someone who needs this type of spiritual guidance, please contact your local pastor. You may also email us and we will help you find what you are looking for.

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Pastor Burt

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